My godly parent:

quotes, hoo, and pjo image poseidon, ocean, and aesthetic image black, nails, and percy image Temporarily removed

Camp Half-blood or Camp Jupiter:

wallpaper and percy jackson image percy jackson image

Which weapon suits you:

Mature image fencing and en garde image aesthetic, art, and black image flow, ocean, and grunge image water, hands, and power image whale, ocean, and water image
I would fight with swords but with fencing techniques so it would not be so beneficial if i had to fight a strong monster but if i had inherited waterbending i would use sword and water.

Who would you become friends with?

leo valdez image leo valdez, hoo, and pjo image logan lerman, percy jackson, and fabulous image logan lerman, percy jackson, and logan image
If we are limited to Camp Half-Blood i would befriend Percy and Annabeth but if everybody counts, definitely Leo and Percy. I think we could become good friends 'cause i love joke around and do stupid stuff but also i love studying so i would befriend Annabeth and we could talk and discuss everything.

Favourite minor character?

books, eye, and fandom image aesthetic, books, and character image
If Nico counts him but if not then our underappreciated satyr.

Favourite God?

art, sculpture, and hermes image symbol and caduceus image
Hermes and his snakes George and Martha!