Today in Iran women can watch the football match Iran vs. Spain in the football stadium. This wasn't allowed for women and today all Iranian women in Iran can watch the match live in the Azadi-stadium in the capital Teheran and other public areas such as parks, pubs and cafes, according to the ISNA press.

A civil rights group confirms on Twitter that the Iranian women are excited and very enthusiastic to enter the stadium.

Since the Islamic revolution in Iran 1979, there was a stadium ban for women. The match between Iran and Morocco, women were also not welcome in the stadium. Even though they did win and women did celebrate this on the streets.

A lot of women tried to enter the stadium in April to see the match of their club Persepolis and they succeeded but not as a women, they were disguised as men.

The match against Morocco in Russia, was attended by many Iranian women. Outside the stadium there were protests against the stadium ban in Iran. This isn't the first time that this is happening, the protests take place when Iranian teams are playing at a international sport events. The protest were allowed by
FIFA world football association.

For the time being, the easing applies just for the match for tonight, Iran vs. Spain. The activist are convinced that the easing will grow to a complete cancellation of the stadium ban.