Hey guys,

I just found this challenge, and I think it's too lovely .
So I decided to do it:)

Btw, this is my first article
♥I hope you will enjoy it♥

1. If I were a drink

Image by Srishti Thapa aesthetic, beautiful, and drink image
Coffees are my whole life

2. If I were a shoe

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Cathy Phan
Simple and a little bit elegant. Oh wait...their color is like my soul: BLACK

3. If I were a serie

james, Alyssa, and alex lawther image james, Alyssa, and teotfw image
♥The end of the f**ing world♥

4. If I were a book

book, books, and bookworm image paper towns, john green, and book image
Paper Towns, in a nutshell: young and wild. You should read it ;)

5. If I were an element

sea, beautiful, and ocean image summer, ocean, and beach image
Definitely water

6. If I were a moment

iphone, sunset, and sea image fashion, girl, and summer image

This is the end:)