I thought that I would write down my favorite movies. But, be warned, it is a long list (I have a lot of free time).

1. The Godfather

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OK so the first time I watched this was with my dad. Sometimes, like all old movies, it's kind of hard to follow but I just fell in love. This movie is about an Italian crime family and just has a really good plot. I recommend you get a whole lot of Italian food and just watch Godfather 1 and 2 in the same night. The great thing is that I think that both of the movies are good (but don't bother with the third it will just disappoint you). Trust me you will not regret watching these. These are probably my favorite movies of all time and it is really fun trying to imitate their Italian accents.

2. The Breakfast Club

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I will admit that I am sucker for an 80s teen movie. I mean what's more appealing than a bunch of kids bonding over detention and breaking stereotypes? It's so cool how the people who made this movie made a bunch of kids stuck in detention seem interesting. Plus, have you ever seen a person flip someone the bird as gracefully as Claire does?

3. Heathers

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This movie gives the preface of the stereotypical 80s teen movie but takes a very dark turn. I don't want to spoil it for you but this movie is a classic and I love Wynona Ryder(she's the lady who plays Will's mom in Stranger Things). It's just so creepy and seems very realistic. And I mean it's got a super cool heroine which is amazing!

4. Some Like It Hot

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This one is definitely a classic but I just love old movies, especially when they are in black and white. This one is about these two guys who can't find work in a band for boys so they join an all girl band dressed as girls. Marylin Monroe is an icon and I love her voice. This movie is also really funny and a good one to watch when you are down.

5. IT

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I usually think that modern horror is bad but this was actually pretty freaky. As you probably know, it's about a really scary clown ,but it also has a lot of other elements to it. I liked how they mixed in the kids bonding with the horror. Plus what teenage girl doesn't have a crush on Finn Wolfhard these days?

6. Princess Bride

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This one is SO GOOD. It's also a good one to watch with your family because it's appropriate and pretty funny. My favorite character is Fezzik (the giant). It's a huge adventure to bring together 2 people deep in love together again and has a lot of lovable characters.

7. Stand by Me

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This one I don't really hear a lot of youngsters such as myself talking about but it is great! Yet another amazing Stephen King adaptation. One of his non-horror hits though. This movie tells the story of these young boys who go on an adventure to find a dead man to get the reward ,but bond on the way and make the best friendships in their lives. This one really made me think about it for a while after watching it and I really recommend it for a good watch.

Well I have a lot more but I think this will need a part 2.Thanks for reading and make sure to watch some of these!

See ya later alligators!