Everytime I see you my heart stops beating,
just so it starts beating 3 times faster then it did before.
My legs start shaking and I'm just so nervous.

But you try to comfort me,
your hand rests on my knee and caress it.
The other one holds my hand.

After some time I'm brave enough to sit on your lap,
and I feel so save and warm in your arms.

I don't want to let go ever again,
'cause I know, that we are gonna be apart for so long, if I do.
And I just love the feeling, of you holding me that tight, way too much.

I feel your hands on my back
and I hear your voice saying how cute I am for not letting you go.

Image by Paulina Giraldo couple, love, and Relationship image

But then I feel your boner
and your hand slowly going lower,
staying on my butt.

You say, that you won't force me to do anything,
I know you wont,
I trust you with all of my heart.

And to be honest, I like the way it feels,
so I pull you closer,
my legs twine around your hips.

Everything feels great and good,
it's perfect for me.
But in the moment you lean in to kiss me,
I turn away,
I don't even think about it, I just do it.

You tell me not to be scared, cause you wouldn't hurt me
I know that, I really do.
And i don't really understand myself,
I've been imagining that moment for so long.
But I can't.

Even tough the way you look at me,
with your beautiful brown eyes
is breaking my heart,
I just can't.

couple, love, and kiss image eyes, brown, and eye image