Thomas Brodie-sangster is a British actor from London, England. He has been in many, many films and Television shows, from Nanny McPhee to The Maze Runner Triology. Here is a list of MOST films and TV shows that he has been
in. Sorry if I missed some, but I'm trying my best.
1. The Maze Runner Triology (Newt)
2. Game of Thrones (Jojen Reed)
3. Nanny McPhee (Simon)
4.Love Actually (Sam)
5. Red Nose Day Actually (Sam)
6. Phineas and Ferb (Ferb)
7. Godless (Whitey Whinn)
8. Nowhere Boy (Paul McCartney)
9. The Last Legion (Romulus Agustus)
10. Wolf Hall (Rafe Sadler)
11. Phantom Halo (Samuel Emerson)
12. My Left Hand Man (Samuel)
13. Death of a Superhero (Donald Clarke)
14. Hideaways (Liam)
15. The Bayton Outlaws (Rob)
16. Thunderbirds Are Go (John Tracey)
17. Accused (Jake Murray)
18. Bright Star (Samuel Brawne)
19. The Miracle of The Cards (Craig Shergold)
20. Tristan and Isdole (Tristan)
21. Some Dogs Bite (Casey)
22. Orbit Ever After (Nigel)
23. Station Jim (Henry)
24. The Alchemist Suitcase (Unknown Boy)
25. Hitler: The Rise of Evil (Young Adolf Hitler) (I dO nOt ApRoVe)
26. Bobbie's Girl (Adam Langham)
27. Molly: An American Girl on The Home Front (Boy in Spelling Bee)
28. Feather Boy (Robert Nobel)
29. Pinocchio (Lucignolo)
30. Stig of The Dump (Barney)
31. Albatross (Mark)
32. Entrusted (Unknown Boy)
33. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Officer Thanisson)
34. A Hat For The Camel (Thomas produced this movie)

And there you have it folks! Alllllllllllll 33 movies that Thomas is in and 1 movie that he produced. Thanks for reading,