So I've made up my mind: I'm moving to London, one of the world’s most exciting and interesting cities. And it's happening sooner than you might think... I'm going to move within 2,5 weeks!

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As a kid, I always dreamt of taking a gap year after secondary school. I dreamt about going to the United States for a High School Year since I was obsessed with High School Musical. That dream exploded a few years ago when I found out that after completing secondary school in the Netherlands, I wouldn't be allowed to go to an American High School anymore (this is due to American laws). I wasn't going to give up the opportunity to take a gap year, so I had to find another programme in which I could participate.

About a year ago, I saw a flyer from a Dutch organisation which helps you with organising your gap year. I ordered their brochure with more detailed information and read about the Au Pair programme they offered. I became very enthusiastic about the Au Pair programme, so I went to an information meeting and decided I wanted to become an Au Pair. Nevertheless, I still had to choose my destination... After having compared all the advantages and disadvantages of the available countries, I finally chose to go to Great Britain. I really wanted to improve my English and, of course, get that famous British accent. Now, about a year later, I just cannot believe that I'll live in London in less than three weeks. I found an amazing and lovely family and can't wait to finally meet them!

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The most asked questions are if I'm nervous about moving abroad if I'm afraid of the unknown and if I'll miss my friends and family. The answer to all the questions is yes, I am. But you know what, you shouldn't say no to such an opportunity just because you're scared. My desire to explore the world, get in touch with new cultures and trying new things overshadows my fears.

I hope you liked this little introduction article. I'll probably post more articles about living in London (as an Au Pair) and all my other adventures. If you want to stay updated you can press the follow button and if you have any questions or recommendations for things I should do when I'm in the United Kingdom, please let me know!

Lots of love