Hello lovelies ! If you are alone and you don't know what to do, then this list is for you.
I'll give you a few things to do instead of sitting on your bed and doing nothing.

❈ Clean your room.

Okay I know that this sounds stupid and even more boring ,but you'll see the difference after you've done this. You'll feel more comfortable and you can also decorate you room to make it look much better.

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❈ Watch a movie/serie.

Very basic but time's running so fast when you start a very good serie or find an interesting movie.

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❈ Read a book.

Tbh my favorite activity ever because when I read I forget everything and everyone.
You can make it better by drinking a cup of tea/coffee or whatever you like.

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❈ Go on a picnic with your friend.

You can call your friend(s) and go on a picnic together on a sunny day for hours of laughter.

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❈ Start a journal.

If you kinda like writing and drawing then you can start a journal and fill it with drawings,quotes,poems,wishes or anything that pops into your head.

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❈ Try new hairstyles.

Cause why not heheh.

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❈ Learn a new language.

This point is fun and at the same time important. If you are already learning a language you can try to improve it on your own.

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❈ Play with your pets.

I don't think I can write an article without mentioning pets xD I just love them. Anyways you can take care of them,go for a walk with them...

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❈ Cook or bake something.

Even if you suck in the kitchen like me,you still can look for some recipes on the internet to satisfy your belly.

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❈ Be creative.

Create new things or do some DIYs that you can use to decorate your house.

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That's the end of this list yay. Hope it has been helpful and you can read my other articles if you want,bye!

∼Love xR❤