You have a lot of time in the summer holidays and some days might be boring, here are a few ideas to get through boring days.

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BIG Project

Set yourself a huge goal, either it is for school/work or just for yourself, make a plan and get through it. The last day to end it, is of course the last day of your holidays.

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Small Projects

Next to the huge project, you could give yourself a handfull of small projects. Those things shouldn't be huge, for example reading a book or make a new recipe. You can accomplish small projects together with your friends.

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Eventhough you gave yourself a goal, you also need to relax. Because of course the holidays are there for getting a break from everything, if it's either from school/work or even sometimes people.
Get some Me-Time and recover yourself.


Over the holidays it's the perfect time to change something or yourself or something around you. It can be some ecological changes or economical changes in your average life. For example, instead of using plastic bags start use jute bags, just something simple.

Don't be afraid to take your time to recover and don't stop being yourself. We have holidays for a reason.