Did anyone else grow up watching H2O: Just Add Water, with the beautiful Phoebe Tonkin? I was convinced I was a mermaid after watching it. Like, it is actually ridiculous. I would avoiding having water on my hand for too long (10 seconds) because then I would grow a tail. Also, avoided looking directly at a full moon (because you'll go crazy). Legit, me and my best friend wore sunglasses at night, to avoid any eye contact with the moon. What the actual heck?

All that to say, that was the moment I looked up to Phoebe Tonkin. She recently came under my radar, because of her style and I just loved everything about her.
So here are some of my favourite looks from her:


phoebe tonkin, style, and The Originals image phoebe tonkin image phoebe tonkin, red, and dress image beauty, candids, and dress image Image by DjoAddi phoebe tonkin image
event, fashion, and style image


phoebe tonkin, model, and style image phoebe tonkin, style, and actress image beauty, candids, and celebrity image phoebe tonkin image Image by Never Enoferta phoebe tonkin image
phoebe tonkin image


girls, nudes, and makeup image phoebe tonkin, The Originals, and beauty image
phoebe tonkin image


phoebe tonkin, black and white, and fashion image fashion, model, and phoebe tonkin image
phoebe tonkin image

Well, that's all that I have for you today. As you can tell, I am very much so obsessed with her style. BRB, going shopping. Send me a message and let me know who some of your style inspirations are, I would love to know.

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