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aaliyah image aaliyah image
Aaliyah. Of Arabic origin, meaning: heavens, highborn and exalted. January 16th is her name day.


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Black girl magic. Melanin flowing and glowing. Slim thicc and around 5'5". 3 years into a natural hair journey, curl pattern beautiful enough to make Satan cry but loves to switch things up with wigs and other protective styles.


Image by Anti_Poukave beautiful, beret, and cafe image fashion and outfit image icon, instagram, and model image
Hardly a flaw in her skin. Beauty mark she adores. Full lips and a perfect pout. Eyebrows shaped to the gods and cheek bones that put angels to shame. A former model.


black, blue, and outfit image fashion, style, and 90s image body, fashion, and dress image baeluxury image
Depending on the day, event and how she's feeling. Aaliyah alternates between: minimal, street, and haute couture.


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A humble business woman that doesn't stop working just because she has something to prove and will stop at nothing until she does. Clever, cunning, and grateful. A socialite, she loves a party. About her money, unnecessary sugaring (sugar baby extraordinaire) and will splurge on luxury.


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A complete Libra; Librans are intelligent, kind, and always willing to put others before themselves, Libras value harmony in all forms. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.


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Aaliyah is a wanderlust. If possible, she'd travel to 5 places around the world each day. Fine dining is her passion, with friends or with her boyfriend... even her sugar daddies. Shopping. Rodeo Drive and 5th Avenue are her second home and the stores know it. Her most favorite hobby is working, whether in her office or at home.


Johnny Seo is a freelance photographer. Purely coincidental that they met. In fact, with Johnny looking through his viewfinder and Aaliyah texting on her phone and yelling through her Bluetooth earpiece, them running into each other in the streets of New York was almost inevitable. The breaking of his expensive DSLR however, was not expected. Johnny insisted she didn't need to replace it, but through the journey of her repaying her debt they grew closer.

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Image by Haliotis94b city, new york, and travel image new york, city, and luxury image city, view, and bed image
New York is her haven, Johnny is her home. Her condo is very luxurious and located in bustling SoHo, Manhattan. Recently, she encouraged Johnny to move in with her. The interior design switches between Scandinavian and luxury so beautifully you'd swear she was an interior designer.


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Vice president of her family's tech company. Her father's right hand and the heir. To give back to the world she runs a side business helping up and coming philanthropists, volunteers at charities whilst simultaneously donating. In the name of love, Aaliyah is secretly setting up a photography business for Johnny.

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