Hello guys, welcome or welcome back to another article. Today I want to show to you how to find the perfect bikini!
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Your perfect bikini mustn't tighten because, if you aren't a Victoria's Secret model and you've got some flesh, you will look like a sausage.
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The colour must bring out the tan. Perfect colours are pastel colours and light colours. Avoid the bordeaux, militar green and brow.
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If you are not really thin, don't be scared to use tankinis or swimsuites. Try to buy swimsuites with deep necklines and beautiful patterns!
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Look at the slip of the bikini. It is really high waist: this type of slip sweeps the leg, so if you're short, try it!
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In this period are really cool the crop top as bikinis. If you don't want to show your sine you can use it.
The last hack is buy in good shops (not like zaful or shein), because is better spend more for a good bikini that will during for more years!
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