People use movies for different purposes.There are just good entertainment films, instructive films, and the ones, which help to live and overcome even the deepest pit. The latter can bring strength and inspiration for new achievements. The Pursuit of Happiness is that kind of movie. The film is based on real events. Chris Gardner is a single father. Taking care of a five-year-old son, he is trying hard to make the child grow up happily. Being a seller, he cannot afford an apartment; and thus, they are forced to evict. Nevertheless, even after that, he does not give up and starts to learn a new profession of a broker.However, his expectations of salary are not fulfilled during the first months. But Chris vowed to himself to become rich anyways; and no difficulties will stop him. The film is very simple, but at the same time, challenging. It is simply due to the absence of any exciting scenes, fights, and fiction, and complicated due to the hiding messages from the actors to the viewers.
It would seem that there is nothing supernatural for the idea of the film. The man has a very hard life: the wife does not believe in him anymore; he cannot sell medical equipment he bought on all of his money; has no good friend, etc. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) has only his son, X-ray machines, which he needs to sell and ... that is it. However, he is full of fire in his heart and soul even when having a penny in his pocket, being unable to feed his son and himself and donate blood due to the strength of hunger and lack of sleep.He is able to overcome all that for the sake of his child and himself because he is responsible for this little person. If a person has no desires and dreams inside, nobody can help him. Changes are coming to those who follow and fight for them!

A significant moment in the film was when, at the building brokerage, Chris gave a few dollars for a taxi to the man who worked in recruitment. His wallet was featured close-up to stress it was almost the last money. Chris, even in such a situation, did not say and did not show that he could not give the money. He kept on a level with that man and followed the goal. This characterizes him as a strong and stable man. One can only envy.
The Pursuit of Happiness is certainly a very enlightening film. Never give up, and good luck will find you itself! Such claims are read between lines. It is the source of eternal inspiration faith in people, and optimism. This masterpiece (there is no other word to customize this film of Gabriele Muccino) gives the strength to fight hard for the piece of the pie on the celebration of life table.
The film is based on a true story and that caught my attention in the beginning. I always learn the stories of people who have achieved success and recognition in life. Someone once said, “Success does not sound easy.” This sentence contains a lot of wisdom for those people who made a decision to swim against the tide, stand out from the crowd, and become The Person. Chris Gardner, no doubt, was The Person, on the example of whom a whole generation of new millionaires in the U.S. and Europe grew up. He took the path from the ‘bottom’ of life to the point he became a celebrity and was captured in the ‘pursuit of happiness.’ The film clearly shows the price, which is paid by people whose names have become brands for their success. There are no fasts, stable or big money, but many people around the world believe in myth that one day, they could wake up “rich and famous.”
Will Smith’s character with a steel rod, which is the basis of each individual, makes the viewer sympathize him from the first minutes of the film. Everybody is against him – his wife, who does not believe in him, a friend of him, who just watched when Chris with a young son in his arms remained homeless. A third part of what happened to the main hero on the road to success would make the average person give up, refuse his goal, and betray the dreams. I often ask myself, whether I could stand, if I appear on Chris Gardner’s place Want to believe that, yes.
One can see the features of this man that clearly distinguish him from mediocrity. This is the answer to the question: “They (successful individuals) have two arms, two legs, one head, twenty-four hours a day; so, why should they, not me, be on the top?” Optimism and faith focus on the target and patience. During the film, I caught myself thinking that I watch not a feature film, but the real life of ordinary people captured on hidden cameras. Smith did not even play Chris Gardner, but lived his own life. He managed to survive an episode of his hero life and then, play it in the movie. Will Smith’s talent was able to open up in this film, as it is one of his best
and most memorable roles.
In The Pursuit of Happiness, there is the triumph of the human spirit. I am not a sentimental person, but the final part of the picture just nailed me to a chair; and it was difficult to speak. “Well, son, it was easy?” – top managers asked Gardner, when the decision was made. What did they see in that black young man? They found brilliant analytical skills, punctuality, and a thirst for knowledge. Mangers did not see the nights he spent with his son in the toilet of the underground, the night shelter for homeless, the study materials in the dim light bulb dirty, a humiliated man, who even did not have enough money for basic human needs. Therefore, they asked Chris such a question. Success is always on sight, but the path to it is always in the shade.
One day, people asked Frank Sinatra how fast he became famous. He replied, “Yes, I became famous in one night. But, the truth is I was coming to this for ten years.” The Pursuit of Happiness is a story of the man with a strong dream and desire. The film is vital, and at the same time, infinitely positive for anyone, who is looking for himself in this life, who is looking for a source of motivation for those who have a dream!
Everyone understands Chris Gardner’s story on his/her own. The main thing, the movie director wanted to convey to the viewer is in the second part. Belief in your strength, love and trust from the close people plus a bit of luck – these are the components of success, whenever and wherever a person lives. One of the most memorable moments in the film is the scene in the bathroom, where the father and son spent the night on the floor of a public restroom in the subway. The boy was asleep, and someone was knocking to the door. At that moment, Chris Gardner understood all its tragedy. No one sees, and he gives vent to his emotions. When Will Smith’s character is crying, it is creepy. Despair and humiliation in the eyes of a man look dramatically. “It is impossible,” said the Reason. “This is reckless,” said the Experience. “It’s no use,” cut the Pride. “And you try to ...” whispered the Dream. And in the end, you get the greatest reward, something that you cannot buy for any price. This is when your five-year-old son says to you: “You are the best dad in the world!”
Modern life is cruel and should be able to turn around in order to stay afloat. One is often asked: “Where are you going? Stop, catch a moment, and enjoy it!” Mostly, one cannot stop; he should always run, climb, not fall. Do not be so deep in the abyss from which there is no escape. If there is the goal to achieve, grab it and go!
The very purpose of the main hero is to stand up and raise his son (in all senses); thus, he sets himself the task of finding a job in order to provide a decent living. The Pursuit of Happiness demonstrates that a person decides what path he wants and that fate is not significant, but it is the man himself the master of his destiny. The film shows that one should never retreat because if he does, he will loose. That is why the main character was able to reach the happiness; but it is still no time for relax because happiness is like a sand castle could be washed away at any time.
The film is based on a true story. It is worth considering that this is not a fairy tale with a happy ending, but the life itself! Chris seemed to have hopeless situation; no support, no shelter, no stable work, and moreover, a little boy in his arms. Many people on his place would surrender and loose hope for a bright future, but not him. Persistence, perseverance, and courage helped Chris to overcome the difficulties and the dark chapters in his life.
In one scene, Chris’s son is telling an anecdote about a sinking man and God:
- Why did not you save me, Lord?
- I sent you two ships.
It seems to be a small scene in the film, but has a deep meaning inside. Often, we just do not notice the important things in the life and do not see that the help is nearby. Man is the creator of his own destiny and architect of his own fortune! It is in our hands; so, we will not let them down.

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