Disclaimer: I haven't been at Australian High School/Junior High for long but I have handed in many assignments and sat many exams. I know what it feels like to not do as well as you think it would. I wished I could improve many things in the past, but the truth is; we can't. We have to keep moving forward.

Every time you hand in an assignment or sit an exam at school, you hope to do well. You hope you will get good grades and a good overall mark. Your results depend on the effort and time that you put into the assessment task or how well you studied for the exam. Hoping that you receive a good grade is great, but it's even better to know that you worked hard for it. Whether it's an A, B, C or D that you receive, you know personally whether you put the time and effort into that task. Remember, grades don't define you as a person so don't take it so seriously. Next time, you'll know to put much more effort and dedication into your work. Don't compare your grades and results to your friends it's not worth it! Every human being thinks differently and may get a better mark than you. But that's just one exam or assessment task that proves your ability, there are many other opportunities for you to improve. Don't feel discouraged, keep working until you are happy with your results.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article, it's the first one I've ever written. There are many more to come and I have a book full of ideas.