Year: 2016 / Genre: K-Pop, Hip-Hop

U & Me

Image by RaLu ♡ ♫ hyuna, 4minute, and kpop image
" Just tonight, U & Me / Sweeter U & Me / Without bothers, lean on each other "

How's This ?

hyuna, 김현아, and kim hyuna image hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image
" Feeling good? How’s this? / Who cares if you go crazy? / Lay everything down here / Let it go, hurry, come and follow me"

Do It

hyuna, 4minute, and kim hyuna image Image by RaLu ♡ ♫
" Imma do it do it / I’ll go out and play / Imma do it do it, how I want / If you have time, tonight, Call me / What I know / I’ll make you feel really good "

Morning Glory

teaser, 4minute, and photobook image Image by RaLu ♡ ♫
" If the morning comes / I’ll say good morning to you first / And I’ll whisper the next word, my darling / cause I can feel, you staring at me, oh sunshine / I’ve bloomed, because of your stare, oh glory "


asian, 4minute, and 4minute hyuna image hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image
" Freaky deaky / No one can stop me / I’ll make you crazy / and play with you, come here / You’re going to be punished / Seduce, seduce / I’m going to seduce you "


hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image
" I'll be a wolf forever. If not, I can be alone / I'll do anything with you. I just want to do anything with you / I hope you could be my hope and dream / I'm saying that I just need you "