Hello guys ! This is tag about me =)

I am 15 yrs old

tumblr and 15 years image beauty, brunette, and girl image

November 13.

balloons, pink, and birthday image leaves, autumn, and bag image

Royal blue and burgundy

Image by Kelsey fashion, beautiful, and fashionable image

I am Croatian

Croatia image architecture, beautiful, and city image

F-favorite song
Ed Sheeran - Galway girl

Lyrics, ed sheeran, and galway girl image aesthetic, blue, and divide image
I am big fan of Ed Sheeran and I like him songs

I want to travell all around the world and meet many interesting people and coultures

summer, friends, and beach image travel image

H-Height ?
I am 175 cm tall

beautiful, chic, and empowering image fashion, flowers, and outfit image

I-in love with

home image dress, blue, and flowers image

J- job
My dream job is fashion design .

dress and elie saab image design, leather, and fashion image

K- kids i want- i want at least 2 children

baby, goals, and precious image baby, goals, and precious image

L- look
- white
-brown eyes
-long , curly dark brown/black hair
-full lips
-grey/ very very light eyebrows
- braces
-girly style

girl, fashion, and style image fashion, girly, and lovely image

I like pop and latino music .. My favourite singers are Ed Sheeran , Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfield

ed sheeran, guitar, and music image edit, barbara palvin, and manip image

N- number of siblings
I have 1 younger sister

Image by _marielajaimes_ Best, bff, and carefree image

- royal blue / baby pink / white colors
-some fancy clothes

fashion, style, and outfit image dress, fashion, and blue image

- ART - I am just in love with this
-READING BOOKS - My favourites - Girl on line by Zoella and Wonder by R.J. Palacio

book, books, and zoella image art, diy, and instax image

Q- questions

black, words, and quotes image am, you, and think image

R- Reasons to be happy
family , friends , movies , books ....

friendship, fun, and girls image kendall jenner, gigi hadid, and model image

S- season
My favourite season is FALL

fashion summur image light, mountains, and nature image

T- travels
I already been to Germany , Slovenia and Austria

blond girl, looking back, and rainy days image Stuttgart image

U - Ughh I rly dk XD

V- vacation destinations
Venice , Italy

girl, venice, and dress image Image removed

W-worst habit
I cry a lot

слезы and глаз image funny, spanish, and meme image

X-rays you hade

Y-Your favourite food

girl, fashion, and food image food, pasta, and yummy image

z- Zodiac sign

scorpio and Tattoos image scorpio and zodiac image