Today, I decided to trust You.
Today is the day I am leaving everything and everyone who ever hurt me behind me. I forgive them. You want to give me new heart. Heart big enough for everyone. Heart like Yours. You ask me to love my enemies. You ask me to pray for them. You ask me to bless the one who curse me. I'll do it. I will love my enemies. I will pray for them. I will bless them. God let them see You in me. You long for me. You want to give me so much more. You already gave me life. You have a great plan with my life. Walking with You is hard in todays world. I ask You to give me strength. Holy Spirit lead me all the time! You ask me to give you all my dreams and trust You. You know what, I will do it. You give sense to my life. You give me purpose. You are the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. You are my God.

I hope you're all having beautiful day.

God bless you!