hello to all I find you for a new post to present you my morning summer routine because yes even by season I change my morning bowl ah ah.

I hope you like this format.

I get up between 8:00 and 8:30 after the pee in the morning I take my vitamins and my fat burner capsule of the brand Women's best. I put on my sportswear and I start I will run 1h or so I put a video youtube SISSY MUA and I follow the exercises.

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10 am I go to the shower as usual, shower gel, shampoo and as it is 3 very hot I take care of my tattoo and my skin in general. I will then take my breakfast filled with colors of good fruits. With this heat I get dressed as little as possible and especially I do not wear makeup.

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After doing all this place in the afternoon nothing is crazy. I drag on the internet I will walk my dog and even I play sims LIVE HOLIDAY !!!

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I am preparing you for my evening summer routine ^^

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