Hello dear Hearters!! I am not such a big poetry fan ,but Rupi Kaur's books are damn good:)) I love her writing style and how she can express so many feelings only in a few words. So that's why I made an article to share with you my fav poems from 'The Sun and Her Flowers':

1. you left
and i wanted you still
yet i deserved someone
who was willing to stay

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2. it isn't what we left behind
that breaks me
it's what we could've built
if we stayed

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3. i could be anything
in the world
but i wanted to be his

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4. love is a double-edged knife
you will suffer the way you make me suffer

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5. i long
for you
but you long
for someone else
i deny the one
who wants me
cause i want someone else

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6. like the rainbow
after the rain
joy will reveal itself
after sorrow

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7. to hate
is an easy lazy thing
but to love
takes strength
everyone has
but not all are
willing to practice

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8. you are an open wound
and we are standing
in a pool of your blood

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9. there is no place
i end and you begin
we are one person

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10. how naive to think healing was easy
when there is no end point
no finish line to cross
healing is everyday work

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Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it! If you are interested, here is a similar article, but about poems from 'Milk and Honey':

Have a nice day!!💕