Hey guys! I (and with the help of Audrey aka @Light_Up_The_Dark and Caylie aka @dystopiaglory) have come up with this tag where you answer a set of questions about traveling, keep in mind these questions are in no specific order and can show up randomly.
Hopefully, you'll pick up on how the article works while you read it. So without further ado, let's get started! :)

1. Places You'd Like to Travel In the Near Future
I would love to travel to Greece, Canada, Bali, Fiji, Paris, London, Australia and probably other places that I haven't known/figured out about yet.

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2. Do You Prefer Traveling Near Beaches, Mountains or Cities?
This is hard to choose since I love both beaches and cities a lot, but I'm gonna go with cities because I love seeing the view of the city lights at night and how peaceful it can sound.

3. Plane Rides, Cruises or Road Trips?
I live for road trips, even though it sounds boring to stay in a car for hours, I'm that type of person to just plug in some earbuds, listen to music and look out the window (especially when it's during the night).

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4. Who Would You Love To Travel With?
I would love to travel with my sister and best friend because we all get along well and I tell them like everything. They're also great people to be around and they always put a smile on my face.

5. Do You Prefer Hot, Cold or Warm Places to Travel To?
Definitely warm, I like to be able to walk out and go places without having to fear the weather on whether it's too hot or cold.

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6. What Is Your Favorite Place You've Been To?
My favorite place I've been to is Las Vegas because it was really fun getting to experience walking around and seeing all these different stores and food I've never tried before.

7. If you had to live anywhere else in the world, where would you go?
I would live in Australia because I've always wanted to go there when I was a kid and I still do. It also has some great places to go to when it comes to scenery.

8. Have You Ever Traveled Out of Your Country?
No, I've only traveled outside of my state but I definitely want to travel outside of the country.

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