Hello everyone :)
So today is a new day and i am trying everyday that I'll smile make myself stronger. Moving on is a tough task to do but when you are determined to change and want to let go off your past, you can do it.Though I feel depressed sometimes but then I smile and this is my step towards healing. I am accepting what I did, I am loving myself everyday and most of all music is healing me day by day. Music is the ultimate sound when you hear it you feel confident you love yourself and accept the way you are. so if you are depressed try to listen to the songs that makes you love yourself even more. And thanks to my Wehearit friends who helps me everyday by writing something special to me that i feel that I am worth a lot n to my family and friends who are trying everyday. I am healing :) I am accepting :) I am loving myself :)

If anyone out there wants to talk to me you can text me on weheartit anytime.Happy to Help :)