Hey humans,

So I am back with another blog, today I am going to be sharing my favourite tips and hacks for writing articles. ENJOY!


My first writing tip / hack is titles. If you want to make a title like the one above all of you have to do is a a hashtag and then space and then your tittle name. # (Title name)


They aren't exactly fonts but they are something. If you want italic all you have to do is put under score (_) before and after the selected text.

For bold you have to put a little star (*) before and after the selected text.

Italic: _hello_
bold: *bold*

^I put two underscores / stars that is why you can see them. Do not leave a space after the underscore / star.


If you want to add pictures all you have to do is copy the link of any weheartit picture. To do that you have to (laptop) use two fingers to click on the bottom right side of the 'mouse'. If you have a mouse it is just laptop.

Then you paste the link on the post. If you want to have a caption then add text under the picture.

dog, animal, and cute image
I pasted the link and then click enter and then wrote this!

That is it humans! I hope you enjoyed this, if you did don't forget to like this post and follow me for more posts like this!