if you see we have something in common or if you would like to become friends, please message me here. ♡


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✦ ✧ age ✦ ✧

seventeen; turning eighteen this september

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✦ ✧ location ✦ ✧

the united states

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✦ ✧ occupation ✦ ✧

i am currently a high school senior

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✦ ✧ hobbies ✦ ✧

i enjoy reading, writing, baking, drawing, hiking, playing video games, watching anime, etc.

✦ ✧ what i'm looking for in a friend ✦ ✧

I'm looking for someone who is around my age. it doesn't matter what race, sexuality, religion, gender, etc you are. someone who is nice, talkative, and is a good listener.

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✦ ✧ fav artists ✦ ✧

BTS, blackpink, melanie martinez, the weeknd, ariana grande, drake, chase atlantic, nickelback, the neighbourhood, lana del ray, p!atd, bazzi, hey violet, etc.

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✦ ✧ fav movies ✦ ✧

forrest gump, train to busan, the notebook, the croods, dude where's my car, 40 year old virgin, clueless, mean girls, white chicks, criminal minds, 13 reasons why, gossip girl, titanic, breakfast at tiffany's,
documentaries, etc.