He had difficulties with violence.
He was kind to everyone even tho they weren't.
He was bullied for many reasons.
He didn't had the love he needed.
His mom didn't gave him what an actual mom would.
His dad died in a car accident 2 years ago.
He met someone one day.
She changed his life he said.
She was always there for him.
midnight, morning… No matter what time it was, she was there to make him feel better.
Since that day, he became happier.
He had someone to share his problems, his feelings and how his day was.
He turned 13.
All the bullshit started again.
He was bullied at high school.
His mom didn't gave her the attention he needed.
He was beating up by the bullies and his mom.
His best friend was still there..
But he kept telling her that everything was doing great.
She could see the pain in his eyes.
But she didn't do something.
One day, he started crying in her arms.
She was asking him over and over what was going on!
He was just telling her that he missed her and he wish they could be together forever.
She started crying and told him that she will always be there for him.
But she was hiding something too.
She had feelings for him.
Those butterflies in her stomach when he hug her.
Even when its just a look in her eyes.
She didn't told him, she just kept hiding it from him.
She was scared that it would ruin their friendship.
But the young boy didn't told her the truth..
He was hiding something that nobody knew.
Coming home after school, his mom came right into his face drunk ass fuck.
He tried to take her to bed so she could sleep and stop all the shit she was doing with those weird man in the kitchen.
But a man came.
A tall and big man came and started screaming at him to let her go.
He didn't want to but..
The tall man came and hit him in the face.
Blood flowing all over his face.
He called his best friend.
When she answered, he started crying.
Something was going on in his head.
He told her that he loved her, that he'll always be there for her and no matter what happens, he'll be in her heart forever.
She was wondering why he said that but before she could say something, he hanged up on her.
This night, she texted him what she was feeling about him.
No answer.
The next morning, she woke up and checked her phone like every morning..
She found this post.
This awful post that his best friend's mom wrote.
She was destroyed after reading it.
Her best friend hanged himself in his bedroom.
She started crying and screaming.
She cried all day long without telling anyone.
Her sister called and asked what was going on.
They both started crying..
Knowing that she couldn't hug her best friend one last time, was killing her.
She told her mom.
Shaking, crying and screaming.
She fell into darkness.
She couldn't go to his funeral. It was too hard for her..
But she regretted it.
Looking at the pictures with him since they were 3 years old, she was still crying.
She wished she could see him one last time and tell him what she felt about him.
But it was too late.
She thought it was her fault.
She didn't do something to get him out of all this fucking shit.
One day, someone sent her pictures of his cuts.
She started crying again.
She hated herself for not helping him..
She was crying every nights alone in the dark.
Wishing he could be there crying with her like they used to.
But he's gone..
A year later, she still regrets..
But she knows that he's still with her like he promised.
She will always love him like she loved him the first day they met.
Even if it's been a year, she still cry every night wishing she could hug him, hold his hand and told him how she feel.
Listen to his problems.
She miss him as much as the day he left.
Thinking about how much he was hurt is what hurts the most.
Seeing images of him hanged in his room kills her.
Dreaming of it..
She'll be hurt for the rest of her life, but she'll always remember how amazing he was.
Their friendship will always be the same no matter what.
He promised.
She promised...
I promised.
Because I was this girl.
And it's now been a year that he's gone.
But I still love him as much as 11 years ago.
I still miss him so fucking much.
I will always remember him.
I will always love him.
He will always be my best friend.

-With all my love, Marie*