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Taurus (Apr. 20th - May. 21st)

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Reliable, practical, ambitious, perceptive, stubborn, trustworthy, patient, loyal, affectionate, supportive

Gemstones: Amber, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Red Coral

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Amber is said to absorb negative energy and pain which in turn alleviates stress and depression. It also stimulates creativity and intelligence and increases self-confidence. Large deposits are found in the United States, Denmark, Norway, England, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Tanzania, Madagascar, and the Dominican Republic.

Rose Quartz is widely known as the universal stone for love, trust, and inner peace. Rose Quartz is most common in Madagascar, South Africa,
Namibia, Brazil, and the US.

Aventurine is said to be anti-inflammatory and soothes minor ailments such as headaches and allergies. Green Aventurine is mostly found in India and white and orange Aventurine is found in Chile, Spain, and Russia.

Red Coral stimulates imagination and intuition. It nurtures the gaining and sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Red Coral can be found in mainly in the Mediterranean Sea.

Colours: White & Green

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White is often associated with the ideas of purity, innocence, and goodness. It also represents safety and cleanliness. Connotations also include positivity and success. It's the colour of snow, cotton, doves, marshmallows, and milk.

Green commonly means nature, life, and energy. It can furthermore mean growth, renewal, freshness, fertility, and safety. It can also be linked with negative attributes such as greed and jealousy. Green is the colour of moss, avocados, lizards, caterpillars, and kiwis.

Symbol: The Bull

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The bull is strongly associated as a symbol of Zeus (and Hera, the cow). It represents physical strength, passion, and transformation. It was a sacred animal in Ancient Greece and was often given as a blood sacrifice. The Celtics related the bull to determination and virility. In modern times, the bull is seen as a symbol of confidence and strength.

Element: Earth

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Earth is one of the passive elements, along with water. It represents practicality, grounding, and dependability. It symbolizes growth and physical sensation. Earth can be associated with security, familiarity, and safety. It can also mean fertility and life.

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