hello everyone, welcome to my new article.
i heard once, that '' its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want.
do you have something like that?
i have. and waited for that for years, its going university.
i did three years in law back-home. and left it there while we moved in to Canada.
i got a offer from York, was enrolled for September 2017. i joined but unfortunately had an accident and left uni. but i didn't give up cause this is what i want so bad. i want to be a lawyer. being a lawyer was one of my goals since childhood.
i applied again for may 2018. and guess what guys? due to labour disruption courses were cancelled and dropped. ahhh... its still okay. because i still want to go and try.
so now i am going to join on coming September, and i am quiet excited about that.
i kind of love being around people. knowing about them, making friends. having good grades. i am a social person and happy for those who know me know that. but complicated too, i hardly make friends cause i feel its hard to get to know someone you haven't known your entire life. but when i make friendship i am honest and loyal.