The inspiration for this article came from some people who were part of my life, people who I called my friends in the past. Or most importantly the people who disappointed me by the way they treated me or treated others. They filled me with negativity and lowered my self-esteem to that point that I started hating myself. I won't talk about them, but I wanted to write something that might be of some help.

When I was little I saw a bird getting hit by a car, it was still alive when I got to it. I took it home with me, I put it in a box and gave it bread and water. I remember that I was wondering why was I the only one who took the bird home and tried to help it, there were other people there who saw it getting hit. I was wondering why they didn't even try to help it. At that time I only thought of people as either good or bad, and I couldn't believe that all of those people on the street were bad.

I used to divide people in two types. Good and bad. Nothing in between. You're either good or you're bad. I never thought that there might be subtypes and those subtypes can have other subtypes and it goes on and on. If someone is good to you it doesn't mean that the same person is good to someone else. The people who are good in general, the people who'd help you without wanting anything in return, the people who'd get up in the middle of the night just so they could comfort you when you're upset, the people who'd defend you behind your back, those are rare people. I admire those people, I aspire to be like them.

The bird died the next day and I was very sad. That's the point in my life when I promised myself that when I grow up I'll be a doctor and I'd help everyone, so no one gets to die. I was a kid, I didn't even know or understood the concept of life. But as I grew up I understood that life doesn't work the way we want it to, sometimes we get happy moments and other times we get sorrow and pain. You just have to find a way to deal with it. As I grew up I also understood that a person might be polite, always smiling in the public but behind closed doors that same person can be violent and agressive, a person can be good to their family and friends but that same person can also be a bully and awful to others.

There are billion versions of personalities. There are billion types of people. No one is born as a bad person, and there's always a possibility for a change. We meet and exchange conversations with a lot of people, we read books, watch movies, we build our knowledge constantly. We are made and remade continuously, we're all a mix of everyone we've ever met, the books we've read, the movies we've watched.

But the choice of who you are or who you become is in your own hands. Choose to be someone who draws a feeling of aspiration in others. Help people without expecting anything in return. Don't be envious, be happy for your friends' achievements in life. Respect people and their decisions. Set a goal and achieve it. Be a motivation. Love yourself. You are beautiful inside and out, but always remember that the true beauty is hidden inside of you. You are worth it. Surround yourself with people who motivate you, support you, believe in you and make you start believe in yourself too, love you for who you truly are, people who help you become the the best version of yourself.

Once I distanced myself from the people who only put negativity in my life I saw myself differently than what they made me believe I am. I met people who put a smile on my face on a daily basis, people who were there for me when I needed them and when I least expected them to be, people who are still here for me. I started drawing and painting again, I found out that I love writing even though I might not be very good at it. I'm in my last year of University and in the future I will be a teacher. Life is not perfect and might never be, but it's our choice to make it good and worth.

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Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.