These are my personal "rules" that I follow each Summer to stay fashion-forward while keeping true to my own personal style. Also be sure to check out my Spring Style Guidelines below.

2018 Fashion Trends

2012, style, and blonde image utility jacket image
bikini image beautiful girl, fashion, and asymmetrical white top image
Deconstructed or Asymmetrical
fashion, chic, and style image fashion, red, and girl image
art and pattern image floral design, hawaii, and pattern image
Wallpaper Print
back, fashion, and neon image fashion, glam, and streetstyle image

Timeless Pieces

fashion, outfit, and shorts image bodysuit, denim, and summer image
bikini top, etsy, and lace top image clothes, fashion, and shorts image
Tank Tops
fringe, leather, and vest image 2016, model, and black image
Vests and Kimonos (especially sleeveless)
fashion, outfit, and style image Image removed
Yellow or red leather jacket
shoes, rose, and black image shoes, yellow, and photography image
Ankle Boots


fabric, knit, and jersey image women accessories, cotton jersey knit fabric, and soft circle scarf image
nylon spandex fabric image etsy, soutache jewelry, and silk cord image
blue, fabric, and babyblue image accessory, details, and fashion image


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, jeans, and inspiration image
ass, underwear, and booty image jeans, body, and inspiration image
cactus, bra, and black image bohemian, embroidery, and lace lingerie image
Mesh Bras
lingerie, sexy, and gold image body, stairs, and love image


etsy, linen shorts, and woman shorts image black clothes, shirt, and underwear image
PJ Sets
girl, starbucks, and tumblr image babe, baby, and bed image
etsy, linen shorts, and linen sleepwear image blue, indie, and tumblr image


Image by yağmur velvet, gray, and grey image black, shine, and fabric image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ beige, brown, and aesthetic image blue, aesthetic, and velvet image 80s, 90s, and alternative image yellow, aesthetic, and fabric image
White, Grey, Black, Gold, Beige, Navy, Red, and Yellow


fashion, girl, and hair image beautiful, blondie, and color image
Up- Ponytail; Down- Beach Waves (pretty much my natural hair)


makeup, beauty, and colourpop image makeup, urban decay, and beauty image
Orange, Beige, Gold, and Red Eyeshadows
peach, aesthetic, and makeup image aesthetic, makeup, and tarte cosmetics image
Bright Pink or Peach Blush
beauty, makeup, and kylie image lip, lipstick, and make up image
Red or Burnt Orange Lips