Day by day we do things. Random things. We make decisions. We build our lives. And at some points we look back, we take a minute and we look where we are, how far we have come.
We remember that moment when everything felt lost, when everything was dark. Then we remember that time we fell in love and everything looked so beautiful, so simple.
And just like that we realize that all the little things make us who we are. Every thing we ate, everything we said and didn’t said, every dream we had and goal achieve, things we never did, things we still want to do.
And we see how crazy life is. Because in those moments we couldn’t saw it, but now it’s so clear. Oh god, I was 15. I remember when I turned 18. Can you believe the first day I went to college it’s so far from now? Turning 21 it feels so cool, I’m a mature person.

We never really know anything about life, no one does. We are all learning. Maybe that's the point of it all. To keep learning.