Real Name: Clarity Fauna

Superhero Name: Vale Tempus

Power: Time Manipulation

Mundane Job: Fashion Consultant

Everyday Appearance:

mirror selfie, inspiration goals, and hayley bui image girl, shadow, and aesthetic image makeup, eyes, and beauty image aesthetic, girl, and grey image
Distinct blue eyes, always surrounded by lavish wispy eyelashes and immaculate makeup. Silver dyed hair gives off a don't care attitude, yet constantly on the defensive when asked about similarities between Vale Tempus and myself.

Superhero Appearance:

Halloween, makeup, and cindy kimberly image Image removed boots, shoes, and grunge image black, black cat, and cosplay image
Black like the night, spandex for swift movement, a mask to hide any distinct facial features, and eyes snow white when mid time warp.

Everyday Style:

beach, happiness, and relax image Image by sydduval2 fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, girl, and style image
White must always been incorporated to match the silver scheme of her hair.

Protected City:

city, ciudad, and night image city and rain image aesthetic, city, and dark image blue, night, and light image
The dark streets of New York, New York desperately need the Heroine Vale Tempus to protect them from the constant buzz of crime.


  • Volta
aesthetic, blue, and power image blue image eyes, goth, and faces image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Our main super villain, she has the power to control all forms of electricity, including lightning.
  • Lasair
fire and boy image fire, hand, and aesthetic image fire, forest, and grunge image Hot image
Half man, half fire breathing beast, Lasair makes for a powerful villain as he can control all elements of the flame.
  • The Shadow
skull, dark, and death image Inspiring Image on We Heart It afternoon, black, and creepy image black, fog, and lavender image
Only referred to as The Shadow, since she appears to be only such to most, this being can cause death with a single touch. The only one immune to her touch is Tempus, resulting in a budding relationship.


eyes, eye, and blue image grunge, hipster, and photography image plants, art, and green image aesthetic, short hair, and tree image
Alanna, or as she's commonly known La Flor, has the ability to manipulate the foliage around her to her will.

Superhero Group:

  • Wonder Woman
aesthetic, Amazon, and wonder woman image aesthetic, Amazon, and costume image aesthetic, comic, and DC image arrow and gold image
Diana, other wise known as Wonder Woman, is the closest to Tempus, always comes to her aid when in battle.
  • The White Queen
hair, earrings, and white image skin and white image cold, cozy, and freckles image hands, snow, and winter image
The White Queen, also known as Emma Frost, is able to hold her own against Lasair due to their opposite powers of fire and ice.
  • Cloak and Dagger
black image cloak, dagger, and Marvel image dagger and tandy bowen image Image by Nikk
Cloak and Dagger come as a pair, Dagger being the more open of the two, while cloak remains mainly to himself.

Secret Hideout:

Image by 🕯 Image by 🕯 Image by 🕯 Image by 🕯
Buried beneath a mountain, Tempus' hideout is only accessible by her own finger print.

Love, Clarity