I usually add a quote when starting my articles..but what quote would I use here?

This time around I thought i'd hop on this trend/tag called the We Heart It Tag. I got this idea from @baileypmalone. You basically just answer a bunch of questions regarding your page.

How much time do you spend on WHI each day?

It really just depends on my mood, sometimes I feel like I could spend hours and hours on the site. Usually occurs when I see a collection I admire Other times I would like one or two posts and move along with my day.

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Do you see things in real life and mentally heart them?

Does staring at boys and pretending you have heart eyes count?

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Do you go on a hearting spree when you find a collection that you like?

Not really a hearting spree, but I do glance over the collection a bit and heart some pictures I like.

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What is your favorite thing to heart?

I mostly heart makeup, fashion or food related things but I do heart anything I find amusing or I feel fits my page.

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Are you a collection hoarder or a picky collection owner?

I do have a couple of collections. I really don't like having 30 collections because then I lose track of what i have LOL. So I just have an collection called "A Bit Of Everything"

Do you have a collection that you never add any photos to but it is still there?

My tattoos collection barely has any pictures in it because 1) I just started it and 2) I don't search up pictures, just heart whatever comes up in my feed/discover page.

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What is the thing you love most about WHI?

I love how open everyone is and how easily you can make friends. It's also a great way to express yourself and find those like you. WHI is great for anyone who feels like they don't belong anywhere.

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Has WHI changed or impacted your life?

I have met some amazing people on here and are grateful for. It's also helped me realize how much I wanna better mysef at doing makeUP.

You guys should definitely try this tag out as it gives you a chance to express yourself!

Until next time,

- SB