This summer I had the privilege to visit the state of Iowa. I thought it would be really boring because I never heard about vacations in Iowa before, but it resulted to be kind of fun.

Iowa is placed in the center of the United States. It was once a French state, just like Louisiana, that explains why its capital is called Des Moines.

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Iowa has a lots of beautiful fields, longs straight roads and beautiful big brick houses.

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In Des Moines there are a lot of touristic places and most of them are free! Next you'll find my favorite.

State Historical Museum of Iowa

Totally free. It is a giant museum where you will find Iowa's history since the Ice Age until now a days. Mammoth bones, native american clothes, weapons and houses, old airplanes hanging from the ceiling, facts from the civil war, from the World War I, clothes, weapons and real cars from the age, and a lot more things. It was really dynamic, you could enter the native american houses, you could move stuff, write things in the walls and use artifacts of other ages.

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Blank Zoo Park

Penguins, flamingos, baby rhinos, baby lions, giraffes, tigers, camels, otters... it sounds like any other zoo but it was extremely awesome. It was the biggest zoo I have ever seen and the animals seem really happy as their cages were super big and well equipped.
The price for an adult was $14.00.

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There was a lot of interaction between people and the animals, you could feed them, pet them and even ride them. Seals made tricks for the people just like in Sea World, there were big aquariums and birds were not in cages but flying around.

Des Moines Botanical Garden

This was also the biggest garden I have ever seen. It had all ecosystems in one same place: desert, tropical, tundra, and even water plants. The atmosphere felt real, like, when I entered the room were tropical plants were I felt back in my island. Again, you could freely walk through the trees and plants, the interaction was there.

The price: $10.00 adults (18 or older) and $7.00 minor. Approximate, I don't remember the senior price or the kids price.

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Living Historical Farm

A whole town that stayed back in the year 1700. There were houses of the age, farms, a hospital, a newspaper producer, a church, native american houses, and a lot of more places. There are lots people dressed with clothes of the moment, eating food of the moment, acting like if there were in the 1800. The most awesome thing was that the smiths were actually working with artifacts of the moment.
The price, $15.00 for 13 and older.

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Downtown Farmers Market

Totally free. This is only on Thursdays. Live music in the stage (country music), street singers, lots of tiny markets of candies, handicrafts and a lot of more stuff. I really liked this and wished I could stay more time.

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There are a lot more things to see in Iowa that I didn't get to visit like the Art Museum or the Walnut Woods Park, and lots of fun places that only 21 years old people can enter. Iowa is a great state, peaceful and full of history. So, my new discovery, Iowa is not the boring state everyone thinks, you just have to look for the fun spots.

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P.S. None of this pictures are from the real places. I tried to post some but WHI didn't let me. Still, I tried to make them as similar as I could.

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