Dark. Deep. Cold. Morbid.

Hurt. Broken. Empty.

Passionate. Kind. Smart. Loyal.

Tears. Scars. Cuts. Bruises.

You are layered. Just like the canyons, you too have depth.

You have been sculpted by the floods.

Those very floods have made you.

Made you into the beauty you are.

Why, O' Why?

Must you cover them up?

Do those layers not define what you have been through?

Have you no sympathy for the pain that wants to escape?

Like the rocks of the canyons, rolling off the edge.

You follow and fall alongside them.

Have you wanted this,

What do you get out of this?

Let me reach, for you.

Help you.

Yet, I know nothing of the pain coursing through you.

I have no right to decipher something I truly can not comprehend.

But, I ask you this.


Why did you let them?

What have you done?

For I am not a preacher.

But I can tell you that the sins you have committed, don't define you.

Let yourself be free.

I too have felt this pain.

I can tell you it isn't fun.

Why, why be like me?

When you can accept these layers and become whole.

For I want you to.

Don't be in this tormented state, it will ruin you.

You are too precious for this evil.

You have been tainted.

Do not become as dark as me.

For when the demons come to feed

they will eat you alive and won't look twice.

They have eaten me.

I can tell you that.

For I have sworn silence for the demons in me have been freed.

They hunt and they feed.

For they too have scars that run deep.