They say as humans, we ruin everything we touch, and that is an almost truth.
Instead of putting some love and empathy in the world, all everyone do is fighting, saying bad things to each other and we don’t even mind how much it can destroy each other’s mind. We are coursed. We have the course of intelligence and it is what gave to us, in first place, the ability to hurt one another. Anyway…

We live in pain, most of the time. It doesn’t matter if physical or psychological pain; it is almost always hurting somewhere inside of us. Because we all have a hole in our chests; it lack us love. It lack us the beauty in the eyes to see the beauty in everywhere; even in those places where it doesn’t belong to. And it is okay. Life is a long road leading to “who knows?” and we still have just so much time… We can save ourselves.

The human race has in it’s hands the power to do great good and great evil. And the most wonderful thing is that this is one personal choice to make. If one do different, it is a small step to something big and amazing. Let’s do different.

I never believed divine salvation. What I know, feel and truly believe is that every and each one of us has their own journey and it means that everybody will evolve, one day. I believe in reincarnation. I believe there is much more to this life than what meets the eye and as it is, I say, with certain sure: we can do better here. Now and a century forward.

Again: They say as humans, we ruin everything we touch, and that is an almost truth. And it is for the only thing we one can’t ruin is him(her)self.