This question tumbled in my mind for so many years that I lost count. And I found out what does it mean to love and to be loved this year. I wish I could put all of that feeling into words, I can’t, but I’ll try.

This is what love means to me. It can be a completely different thing for you and it is okay, for after all, love is free.

To see someone’s face and think “how lucky am I to have you by my side, babe…”; To want someone to be happy, to fly towards his dreams, even if his dreams lay far, far away from you; To feel his pain; To know what does it feels like being divine, what does it feels like to be beyond time and space; Love is the most powerful thing in universe. It changes you. It makes you realize that life can be much better, that we can do much better for each other and for the world. To love is to know what forever is like.

And still, sometimes, it hurts. It hurts to see the one you love in pain; it hurts to see that it is true that nobody can save anybody and it hurts even more when you realize how much you wish to save him and, still, you can’t.

It hurts to lose him.

It hurts to go through what means having someone by your side and then being all alone in this big universe, again.

I wish you all to never have to face the pain of losing to death someone who gave you meaning to live.

Ps: I was talking about my boy, which is why I used “his” and “him”, but all ways to love are valid, beautiful and needed in this world.

Ps 2: He didn’t really died, not in this life, but somehow every time I look inside his eyes I feel like I’ve lost him before. That kind of makes me wonder about past life and stuff like this.