well, well, well..... Hiiiii))) so July is coming...Personally I can't imaginethat the 1st month is going to end.... but!!!!! u can make this summer awesome, of course because of my playlist!! at least listen to one of them and u will not forget))

1. The Carters - Apeshit

art, couple, and jay-z image

YEAH!!!!! Beyonce and Jay Z!!!!!!! it's really awesome, and have u seen a video?? it's wooow so dope!!!!

2.Tinashe feat. Future - Faded Love

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It sounds sooo cool, and amazing and I Just Love It...."You on that faded love, love"

3. Kanye West - Wouldn't leave

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I mean the whole new Kanye's album is sick!!!!!!! But I like this song)))))) ohhhhh, just listen (and listen to Violent Crimes,,,, aaand All Mine)

4. Shawn Mendes - Where were u in the morning?

elsa hosk, model, and smile image amazing, bouquet, and flowers image

Something really romantic and lovely... amazing song and Shawn's voice... just in love))))

5. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us

michael jackson and mj image

" All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us"

6. XXXTentacion - Changes, Everybody Dies in Their Nightmairs, Fake Love

Temporarily removed

Love his music.....so sad...

7. Nicki Minaj feat. Ariana Grande - Bed

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It's very cool and love these girls))))

8. Kodaline - Shed a Team

adventure, beautiful, and building image Mature image

9. Zayn - Let me

bikini, cool, and gorgeous image girl, summer, and body image

And if u let me be your man...then I'll take care of u...

10. Beyonce feat Jay Z - FRIENDS

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yeah...as I started this list I'm going to finish)))) "What would I be without my friends..Your Friends are false my Friends are goals"