Hi! so I'm new to posting articles on WHI and i've been really interested in writing my own as well as reading others' amazing articles. This will take me a while to adjust to but after trial and error, hopefully i'll be able to become someone in the community.

So to start off my first article, I'm going to do The ABC tag:

A|- age:
I'm 15, whoop ;)

B|- best feature:
probably my eyes, body shape, nails & hands and lips.

C|- colour:
i love pastels and soothing colours; but minty green, lime and sage green the most.

D|- deepest fear:
being left and forgotten {sad ik}.

E|- everyday starts with:
pressing snooze on my phone and sleeping for an extra 10 minutes. {terrible I know 🙈}

F|- favourites:
favourite movies; kill bill vol 1&2; pulp, fiction and everything,everything {oh, and deadpool for sure}

favourite series; gossip girl; stranger things; friends; teen wolf; riverdale

i would love to do my favourite artists and songs but i should probably do a separate article.

G|- grossest memory:
i don't have one which comes to mind.

H|- height:
I'm either 164cm/165cm which is 5'4-5'5, I'd say I'm a pretty sm0l bean for my age.

I|- in love with:
deep thinking, travelling, photography, making moodboards, reading a book and watching the movie afterwards, finding new aesthetics and learning new words.

J|- job of my dreams:
I'm super interested in the whole journalism career; mostly online work such as a blog or being a blogger

K|- kids i want:
i don't necessarily want kids but if i do change my mind i wouldn't mind one or two

L|- last thing i ate:
i actually don't remember, probably a samosa at school xD

M|- magical power i wish i had:
telepathy or teleportation

N|- number of siblings:
i have three sisters; two are my half-sisters though.

O|- one wish:
for my mum to have complete and utter happiness, nothing else :')

P|- person i last texted:
my internet best friend

Q|- question i always get asked:
where are you from? even after i tell them they still question

R|- reasons i smile:
my absolutely crazy friends, my mum and sister, realising my accomplishments, making new internet friends all over the world, thinking about old/recent messages out of the blue, remembering that i'm a proud black teenager. ;p

S|- song i last listened to:
nicotine - leuan

T|- time i wake up:
I have three alarms every morning even though i pretty much live opposite my school but at;
7:40; 7:50 & 8:00

U|- underwear colour:
grey with lil stars. :p

V|- vacation places:
ugh there's so many places i wish to visit so i'd say anywhere and everywhere.

W|- worst habit:
procrastinating, over-thinking, and complaining about literally everything.

X|- x-rays i've had:
on my ankle because i had thought i broke it. >.<

Y|- your favourite drink:
water, because its so refreshing and good for your insides. ♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)♥♡♥

Z|- zodiac sign:
I'm a proud Aries :p