Waking up in the morning, with the sun shining in my eyes, is a picture I only dreamed of having each night.
You see, it's not the ray from the sun or the soft chirp of the birds that really make this mornings so fun,
No, its the look on your face, when you realize that you finally aren't the only one up;
The corners of your perfect, plump lips turn up in pure bliss, as I lean in, making my way to feed them with a kiss.
I breathe in your scent; mint with a hint of ash from your cigarette, reminding me, that you aren't so innocent.
Leaning back, trying to break free from your grasp, I gasp for air as I try to hold in my laughs.
When I finally break free, and take a few steps back, I smile at you trying to hold yourself back.
Right here is where we can stay for hours, you holding me under you, showing so much power.
I just want to be here, no matter the weather. With you by my side, who knew life could get this much better?