It's the 6-month "anniversary" of my (figurative) heart being out there for anyone to (literally) hold in their hands in the whole entire world. For this occasion, I'm making it available for free, for 5 days. Well, I can only do that to the not so cool, less aesthetically pleasing ebook version, but a free book - in either form - is like the most effective method to make me happy.

I'm still just as terrified as I was the first day. We're living in a world where being rational and cold is the only way to survive, and we're raised to be ashamed of feelings. Facts are my everything, I can't deny that; knowing is the only way of having control. But feelings make us human, and the goal of this whole project was to experience that vulnerable, naked sensation, which not a lot of people bring themselves to do. I was sick of seeing the walls closing in, and I got to live something that made me change SO many of my views.
It's a new reason to live, it's addictive, making me want to feel this way over and over and over again until I don't have anything else left of me to show.

So grab a glass of red wine, and "let [your] soul sink in and dwell" (365 Sleepless Nights, Thorns under my skin; - because believe me, quoting from yourself is the coolest thing on earth even if it makes you look egoistic as hell).