how i use to dress

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lets talk about how i dressed in like middle school & early high school. I dressed like a hot topic kid even though I hated hot topic ((I deadass thought that hot topic didn't give money to bands when they sold their merch )) I only bought my shirts from shows I went to & from warped tour. I either wore a band shirt or a drop dead shirt with black jeans that were either ripped or rolled up. I hated emo kids & desperatly want to be a goth™. This was my whole its not a phase mom but its a phase. I cringe but we all gotta start somewhere. I had a 4 corner piercing. Which is just like 2 bottom and 2 top lip which was W I L D I think its called canine bites. My hair was always half black and half blonde & towards the end of this era i shaved it all off. I also took out my bottom lip piercings.

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how i actually dress

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When I say actually dressed I mean until like maybe January of this year. My style is pretty basic. My closet is mostly monochromatic. I always wore wear vans or platforms. My friends are always joking about how I switch from aesthetic to aesthetic (the aesthetic being goth, grunge, weird art hoe and some weird indie hipster kid). It really annoys me that I dont have a specific aesthetic & i feel like thats cringy to say but 🤷 I call it my repressed emo phase. My hair was all sorts of bright colours. My goal was to look like I could be in the band PVRIS but with wild hair. i had angel bites and my septum pierced & a regular nose piercing Towards the end of this era I took out my lip piercings to get my medusa done.

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how i want to start dressing

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This is how I've been trying to dress more. i still want to be an edge lord™ but with more colours. Maybe a sophisticated edge lord. I just want to have more fun with what I wear. my hair was black with a lil blonde streak in my bands but I currently have grey hair & want to keep it that or at least on the natural spectrum. i have my septum pierced & a tiny medusa piercing. I constantly think about taking out my medusa & re-doing my noise but 🤷

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