This is something everyone goes through in life . But lately i have been dealing, well not really but trying more to cope with it and look for solutions. I just dont feel like myself and I dont even know if the things I do are desicions that I made or are they just what people told me to and the influence of their sayings.Whenever people ask me questions i honestly get nervous because it feels like when they ask you something about yourself and personality, you only get one shot and if you log in that answer you cant undo it. So you are stuck with a character. A persona that is not you and now everyone knows a different version of you. But who is the real you ?

That is basically what I am trying to figure out. Its been weighing on me, especially in school when you have to decide between subjects and which one you want to continue, you have to know where your strength lies and what is more doable for you but that is the freaking problem. I dont know. This journey of trying to understand oneself and figure one out is tiring and scary.

I just want to find myself and know who I am. Can we just skip this era of teenage life and cut to the "important" part? I dont even know if I was able to express myself, because usually I suck at this, and hope I somehow got the message across. I know some of you may relate. But one thing I want to say to everyone dealing with this. There are things that are more important. Your mental health and well being is way more important than a good grade or degree. Always remember that school is not the only way to success.

ps: Im not promoting stripping or drug dealing if anyone thinks that far. just wanted to point that out.

wow, this post is so sloppy but i hope there is someone reading this. If so please let me know.