♡Hi my name is Sloane.
♡My favorite color is blue.
♡My favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs.
♡I'm in concert chorus in High School.
♡I'm a Sophomore in High School.
♡I love to write down my feelings, thoughts, and ideas.
♡I love to express how I feel to people.
♡My favorite apps are Instagram, Snapchat, and WE♡IT.
♡My favorite season is Autumn because it's not to hot and not to cold.
♡I love the 80's.
♡I love listening to songs so much.
♡I like to write down my own songs.
♡I love Sushi.
♡I love to draw and color other people's drawings to show brightness than darkness.
♡I pray everyday and I read the Bible every Sunday as I can.
♡I love makeup but I only wear it on special occasions or if I just want to feel pretty.
♡I had an Iphone since 6th grade.
♡I read Harry Potter books but right now i'm reading Night with Connections for school.
♡Right now I don't have a boyfriend and don't plan on it until College.
♡My favorite tv show is The Middle but it ended not to long ago (it's a great show).
♡The last movie I saw was Incredibles 2.
♡I lived at Disney World for a couple of my first months when I was a baby because my mom worked at Disney World. She even worked at Disney Channel.
♡My personalities: Funny, sassy, loving, caring, sweet, happy, loyal, encouraging, supportive, and so much more.
♡I love dogs but one Thanksgiving my family, my cousins and their friends went to this apartment that my Uncle Tim's friend lives (the lady). The adults were talking while I was playing with my cousins and the lady had a vicious dog with her. I was just minding my own business and the dog attacked me, it was aiming for my eye but luckily I moved so it got my nose. I cried so hard and loud. After dinner we left and my mom said we're never going to that lady's apartment again.
♡I wanna travel all over the world, explore places, get out of my comfort zone, take lots of pictures, and make memories.
♡My favorite flowers are roses and hibiscus flowers.
♡I love Minnie Mouse.
♡I don't wear high heels that often and I can't walk at my normal pace with them on.
♡I love Starbucks and I wanna work there when I'm 16 years old.
♡I'm 15 years old.
♡I don't have a car but when I do I wanna either have it blue or black.
♡I have a hover board but I rarely use it.
♡I do 20-30 squat everyday but I also have a day off sometime during the week.
♡I wish it was Autumn all year long.
♡I love all my friends equally.
♡I love taking pictures everywhere I go.
♡I have one brother but no sisters.
♡His name is Spencer.
♡I get my clothes from Hollister, VS PINK, and Forever 21.
♡When I grow up, I wanna be a lawyer.
♡I used to take dance and acting when I was little.
♡I have very dark brown eyes, black hair with ombre hair, and light brown skin.
♡I wear contacts but when I'm sick I wear glasses.
♡For Halloween I wanna be Minnie Mouse if I go to a party but if I don't go to a party, I won't dress up and i'll pass out candy.
♡I love my parents and I love my Abuela
♡I'm taking Spanish 2 next year, I used to take French in Middle School but we didn't learn anything at all, we just watched movies. Especially Ratatouille, it was my French teacher's favorite movie.
♡I don't know how to play an instrument but I would love to play the piano.
♡I don't wear a lot of dresses but for my sophomore year i'm planning on wearing more fancy clothes like dresses.
♡I have a crush on someone and I wanna ask him out but the problem is he's my best friend and I also don't wanna ruin my friendship with him and make things awkward.
♡My dominate hand is my right hand.
♡I don't have freckles
♡My zodiac sign is Capricorn
♡I'm not allergic to anything but lately I think i'm starting to get allergic to air or very strong smells.
♡I love scary movies but it was to be a very good movie.
♡People always tell me I have great handwriting and they say it looks like it was typed on a computer.
♡My favorite dessert is cheesecake.
♡I have no tattoos and don't plan on getting any.
♡I'm scared of clowns and Bendy and the Ink Machine (I know it's silly to be scared of a cartoon character).
♡My favorite candy is gummy bears.
♡I don't have a pool.
♡I like to swim.
♡I've never been to a football game.
♡I like the beach.
♡One time I tried to watch StarWars but I found myself asleep.
♡Thank you so much for taking to time to know me better. If you ever wanna talk to me and get to know me more, text me! Have a great day/night♡