Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am bringing The Paranormal Tag back! If I remember correctly, it was originally created by the youtuber grav3yardgirl, you know, back in the days when she used to do paranormal videos. And I remember how a lot of people started doing this tag which was amazing, because back then you couldn't really find many paranormal youtube channels or blogs. Eventually people forgot about it, so I decided it was about time to bring it back! Grab yourself some snacks, people!

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1. How old were you when you had your first paranormal experience?

Well the earliest memory I have is when I was around five years old. I remember how I was sitting on the front porch and I was crying because the world was too much for me (yes, I was a pretty sad child). Suddenly I stopped, I felt like someone was watching me. When I turned around there was a woman in a white gown with red hair staring at me. Her eyes were red and she was floating above the ground. Slowly she started coming closer to me, before she reached me I started rubbing my eyes really hard and when I opened them, she was gone. It could have been a hallucination still, but who knows for sure?

2. Have you always believed in ghosts?

I don't believe in ghosts, but I have always believed in demons.

3. Where is your favourite place to investigate?

I don't really do investigations, but I like exploring abandoned places. The most fascinating one I went to was this huge abandoned military airbase. But there is one place, a small and hidden house, and I don't know what it is, but something keeps dragging me back to it. I already went there six times.

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4. What's your favourite investigating tool to use?

As I already mentioned, I don't really ''investigate''. But if I do feel like something is there, I sometimes knock on the walls to get a response, or I ask questions.

5. What is your scariest paranormal experience?

My scariest paranormal experience is a way too long story and kind of personal, but if you wanna hear it, give me a positive reaction on this article or shoot me a message and I surely will post it!

6. What is your favourite paranormal experience yet?

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My grandmother died four months ago, so I was really exhausted and just felt like I wasn't able to keep going. On the night my grandmother died, I suddenly woke up and it felt like something was hugging me from behind, I was surrounded by this warmth that it was giving me and I still can't put into words how it felt. Suddenly everything was okay, not just okay, everything was perfect and beautiful. The calmness, love and peace I felt inside me was so strong that I kept muttering “Please don't make me go back to reality, I wanna stay here forever.” It felt as if I was in a bubble, like there was a shield and I was able to see my room behind it because it was slightly transparent. And although the only thing separating me from reality was that bubble, that shield, everything was still so different and beautiful inside it. Whatever it was or whoever it was, the comfort it gave me was what I needed. Unfortunately, I eventually fell asleep and woke up the next day.

7. Do you know anyone personally who has paranormal experiences?

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Basically my whole family and most of my friends too. We talk about them all the time, but more so with my family. And it's interesting how we sometimes have had the exact same or similar experiences.

8. Do you have trouble convincing your friends and family about your paranormal experiences?

Funny enough, although my family experiences a lot of paranormal incidents, they often don't believe and say I'm just imagining things. Well, maybe they just say that so I'm not scared. As for my friends, they believe me.

9. Favourite paranormal TV show or Movie?

I really liked Ghost Brothers and Paranormal survivor, as well as Alaska X. My favourite paranormal movie (I'm guessing as in horror movie) would be Wishing Stairs (it's a Korean horror movie).

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10. What would be your ''dream'' place to investigate?

There's this huge haunted mansion in my town in Morocco. It is said to be extremely haunted, everyone who moves in, moves out in a span of two to three months. It's been reported that you hear screams, objects being thrown around and the owners of the house get attacked. No one lives in it currently and they have put heavy locks and fences in front of the door so no one would enter it, it still remains my dream place to investigate.
There's also an abandoned asylum here in Germany that I would like to investigate.

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11. Do you prefer to investigate alone or in a group?

I prefer to investigate in a group of four people maximum, you know there's not only demons lingering around in abandoned places, but also people with bad bad bad intentions.

12. Is your home haunted?

I wouldn't necessarily say that my home is haunted, I'd say that my family is, since quite a few of my family members are involved in black magic. No I'm not one of them, neither is my mother and close members, we try to stay away from those who practice black magic.

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13. Have you ever had any paranormal experiences with animals?

Sometimes my cat sees and follows thing that I'm not able to see. In my culture it is believed that animals can see demons and the angel of death. It is also believed that demons can take the form of animals at night to approach humans, so we stay away from cats and dogs (had quite a few experiences).

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That's it for today, thank you so much for reading! And I'm really hoping you enjoyed it and that it inspired you to share your experiences as well? Because I tag everyone who is reading this! And I kind of hope the paranormal community will be more active on Weheartit one day. Imagine if we had a paranormal channel on Weheartit? That would be dope!

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