I don't know if there are any challenges like this so I am just making it up. Pretty much take any number (less than 10) of songs from your spotify. Make sure it is on shuffle so it is as random as possible. Add some pictures that really describe the energy or actual lyrics in the song.

1. Wasting Away by Tonight Alive

sculpture, art, and statue image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic and orange image ocean, sea, and blue image

2. I'll sleep when I am dead by Set it Off

sheep, sleep, and insomnia image city, night, and girl image art, artist, and woman image Mature image

3. Daydream by J-Hope

jung, bts, and hobi image palms, daydream, and Dream image beach, blue, and coffee image food, galaxy, and planet image

4. Nana by The 1975

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image cat, aesthetic, and animal image aesthetic, soft, and white image Image by - Mason!

5. Turn Away by Wet

heart, hearts, and aesthetic image aesthetic, blue, and boy image theme, art, and aesthetic image Image removed

6. See you again by Tyler the Creator

lips, gold, and makeup image theme, honey, and yellow image yellow, girl, and sunflower image beach, aesthetic, and ocean image

7. Right back at it again by A Day to Remember

Image by Relmayer concert, a day to remember, and adtr image nirvana, guitar, and rock image friends, night, and vintage image

8. Leavin' by Jesse McCartney

eyes, beauty, and blue eyes image interior and minimalist image aesthetic, window, and blue image couple, aesthetic, and soft image

9. No Mercy by PVRIS

Image by manoela aesthetic and alternative image Abusive image lesbian, kiss, and red image

10. Twuh by Layne

grunge, alternative, and aesthetic image aesthetic, broken, and grunge image james, Alyssa, and teotfw image aesthetic and grunge image