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SUMMERBODY CHALLENGE DAY 2 I'm still super excited (thank u guys for your lovely reacts btw ♥) as promised here's my article which is all about intermittent fasting.

As I already described in yesterday's article intermittent fasting is a lifestyle that seperates your day in two phases. One phase is called your eating-window the other phase is called your fasting-window. I guess you know what these phases mean since their names are kind of self-explaining but anyways: In your eating window your are allowed to eat, in your fasting window your aren't (drinking water is of course always allowed). You can decide on your own how long your want your fasting window to be, but the most common way is a 16 hour fast and an 8 hour eating window ( I know 16 hours sound incredibly long, but about 8 of these 16 hours you're asleep anyways).

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isn't this unhealthy?
ok I'm gonna be honest - it was my first thought when I heard about this lifestyle so maybe some of you guys are thinking the same rn :) but I can tell you (based on informations I got from experts and my personal experiences) it really is not. It actually is a really healthy lifestyle for you and your body, cause once you are used to intermittent fasting, your metabolism increases, your skin, hair, even your heart and so many more parts of your body will thank you. You also need to know that if you are doing intermittent fasting, you won't decrease your daily calorie intake (it actually is really important to not do that), you will just change the times of taking in your calories. So instead of having a little snack every few hours yo'll just have two big meals, that are going to keep you nice and filled throughout the day / till the next day.

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how can I start?
Intermittent fasting definitely is something your body needs to get used to, so I highly recommend not to start with the 16/8 windows, but for example a 14/10 window (14 hour fast followed by a 10 hour eating window). You'll see real quick how your body reacts, if you get used to this fast, or if it will take some time.

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I will post more articles about intermittent fasting in the next weeks, I hope this first article made it already a bit easier to understand. Of course you can text me if there are any further questions I always try to answer every text I get :)

see you next time
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