Hello Kitty is the predecessor of the female red panda named Retsuko. She is 25 years old, single, scorpion and blood type A. Although she seems to be very cute at first appearance you soon realize that she is the total opposite of her Sanrio colleague Hello Kitty.
She hates her life.
Her alarm clock rings everyday at 7 am and at her boring office job her sexist boss plagues her.
Retsuko is swamped with work while her boss and her superior waste their time with playing golf at the office.
The only thing that relieves the panda is her secret which happens after work.
Frustrated after a long day of work she visits a karaoke bar where she screams into a microphone to let her anger about her workmates off steam. With the power of METAL.


Retsuko has two faces. The face of a cute little panda lady which is acting conscientious. But just like many of us she has to acquiesce in many things everyday and sooner or later her anger is overpowering her. That makes Retsuko likable.


Probably no one expected the main character of the first Netflix series by Sanrio to be so "anti-Kawaii" but maybe Sanrio was meanwhile bored themselves by all the super cute and happy characters they created before.