Rose - Who do you miss right now ?
School just got out a week ago and not having my buddies around all the time sucks

Peony - What is your favorite season?
I really like Spring. The weeks leading up to spring are some of my favorite to. Snow is starting to melt, buds are growing, everything smells fresh

Lily - What is your favourite time of the day ?
When the sun has come out just a bit and the sky is pink

Petunia - What is your favourite food ?
Rootbeer floats and tacos

Orchid- How long does it take you to fall asleep ?
Hours. I dont fall asleep really either its more like I pass out

Tulip- Do you have any pets ? I have two bettas names Aster and Oxalis, three dogs, one crippled chihuahua, two pittbulls

Poppy- What colour is your bedroom?
At my moms house its a dark purple at my dads its a light blue

Sunflower- What is your favourite TV show ?
Its a three way tie between Freaks & Geeks, Documentary Now!, and The Bitch In Apartment 23

Periwinkle- What is your dream job?
Im the creative director and manager of a boyband in my spare time I finish writing my fourth book

Lavender- What is your favourite smell?
When I walk in to my grandmas and Bird has made soup

Pansy- What colour are your eyes ?

Lotus- What is your favourite animal?
Yellow Headed Jaw fish

Daisy- Who is the most important person in your life ?
My little brother Rooster

Dahlia- Do you prefer sweet or salty?
Im not sure actually I think sweet though?

Buttercup- Are you afraid of anything ?
Those aisles in the store that are just full of glass

Daffodil- Do you have/want any piercings?
I want to get my ears done again. I had em done by my grandma when I was a baby but Im allergic to a lot of cheap metal. I stopped wearing earrings when I was in grade school and I regret it now because I want Christian Slaters whole look from Gleaming The Cube

Lily- Apple or Android ?
dkjfrhgeskjrg Apple just cause the emojis are cute

Marigold- Do you smoke ?
Not cigs

Magnolia- What is your favorite band ?
Green Day, Charlie Puth, Snow Tha Product,

Cherry blossom- Do you have any stuffed animals ?
I have three carebears on my bed still