heyaa i'm back with a new article, today i'm going to make anoter challenge since i was tagged by my amazing best friend @fathergigii !! I'm going to describe myself through pictures; i tag these cuties @justbeycu and @aintgomez, let's start:)


indie and jeans image fashion, outfit, and clothes image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, rose, and style image
i really love wearing cute but at the same time comfortable clothes


beauty, happiness, and indie image quotes, words, and motivation image Image by муѕтєяу♡ model, pretty, and taylor hill image
i'm so soo shy, stubborn and sometimes insecure but i really love laughing and also talking


taylor hill and model image fashion, style, and kylie jenner style image Image by Kylizzle19 angel, bikini, and gorgeous image
i have long brown hair


bullet, lettering, and bullet journal image food, healthy, and salad image face mask, girl, and beauty image fashion and beauty image girl, fitness, and gym image beach, girl, and sea image
i study, i like eating healthy, i take care of my skin and also i started to work out


fashion, vintage, and girl image yellow, art, and drawing image travel, beach, and plane image music, aesthetic, and theme image
i really love listening to music, going to the sea, drawing and travelling


food, healthy, and avocado image cake, strawberry, and food image fruit, pomegranate, and red image pizza, girl, and friends image
i really like eating healthy even if i love pizza and sweets lol


joy image couple, summer, and indie image animal, giraffe, and travel image girl, friends, and best friends image
my goals are to be always happy, have a lovely boyfriend, travel and get to know new cultures and be with my best frienddddd @fathergigii


lion and animal image lion, animal, and wild image
i love lions, i mean they represent the power so they can do anything they want and i'd like to be like them

the endd

i hope you like this article, i would be very happy if you gave a reaction to it:)
see you on the next articlee
byee xx -M

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