Hi and welcome on this new article
In september, I will start my new student life at University and I'm really excited about that. Almost everything is going to change in my life and it's the start of my independance
So here is a little resume of what is waiting for me


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Of course, the main change is going to be my studies I will leave high school to go to University to study law I know it's going to be hard and I have to be motivated but I can't wait to start I really love studying with a laptop, some notebooks and some beautiful pens and highlighters, and of course a cup of tea or latte I think I will study at the library, at a coffee shop, at the park or just at the appartment


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Indeed, I'm leaving home and my parents for an appartment near my university i'm just so excited because I'm going to live with my two best friends I know some of you will think that it's not a good idea, but I know it's going to work We are serious and determined to be successfull in our studies, and I can't live alone I love the idea that I will be able to decorate my own little corner of the appartment I love old buildings and vintage/industrial decorations, with wood and lights I can't wait to add my personal touch

Movie nights

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I'm so excited about watching movies and Netflix series with my friends. I like cozy nights with blankets, cups of hot drinks, lights, candles, and a lot of food. I can't wait to start the Netflix/pizza realtionship, and to start Disney and Harry Potter marathons. After a full day of studies, I think I'm going to enjoy that, and just relax with my friends


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Who says appartment says cooking. That's not a problem for me, because I love that I think I'm particularly going to eat pastas with vegetables. Indeed, my new life also starts with a new challenge: I want to become vegetarian. I also love japanese food (hi ramen) and I can't say no to a pizza or french fries (just sometimes of course). If I have time, I would love to cook some bakeries


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There are no parents anymore to help us, so we will need to be organized, especially when you are 3. I personally love being organized so that's not a problem, and especially, I love being independant and useful. I think we're going to do some lists of the tasks This new life is also the start of my new bullet journal and I can't wait for this


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My clothes start to be quite old and I want to start this new life with new ones. I love vintage clothes, cozy sweaters, scarves and boots. I think I'm going to try some new styles with dresses and skirts. But I will never forget my lovely sneakers and t-shirts.

City and places

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I'm leaving my small town for a new bigger city, even if I already knew it. So I can't wait to discover new places, spend time in new cafés, streets, shops. I love cities and architecture, especially old buildings. I love so much the atmosphere at fall or christmas, with the rain, the lights, the leaves...


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I know I'm going to focus on my studies, and stay serious and motivated. But this new life is also the start of my new social life. I will have new friends, or just spend time with my old friends that I love so much. I can't wait for the new parties, the festivals, the cinemas... just to have fun and enjoy life.


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And finally here is my bigger goal, travel the entire world.. I will save as much money as I can to realize my dream. That's the thing I want the most in my life: discover new cultures, eat different foods, visit monuments, parks, see wild animals, take photographs, speak different languages, meet different people, and bring memories...

Thank you for reading this article, I hope you enjoyed that!
I loved writing it, imagining my future new life... coming soon