Basically Im writing this article because as you all know the Riverdale cast is on a break their new season will come out on AUGUST ;-; Apparently the riverdale Cast let out some sneak peeks for the show so here are some of them!

1: They said that Ethal Mugg might be president Because archies arrest jeopardized his newly-won position!!!! BTW Ethel is in stranger things.

2: Get ready for a lot more Choni! !And then there’s Cheryl Blossom and her Serpent cheri, Toni Topaz, who will likely get a lot more screen time together come next season. Both Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni, and Charles Melton, who plays Reggie, have been bumped to series regular for the upcoming season—and now, Cheryl is also a member of the Serpents. (True to form, she joined up while sporting a fashionable red leather jacket.) As we saw last week, Cheryl was more than willing to use her archery skills in defense of her lady love—and it was Cheryl’s warning this week that saved all of the Serpents from Sheriff Minetta’s raid on their bar hangout, the White Worm. So it seems safe to guess that she and Toni will continue to be one of the show’s strongest ships as we sail into Season 3.

3:Along came Polly.As the Cooper family recovers from the realization that Hal is actually the Black Hood, Betty’s older sister Polly stops by with her twins. And toward the end of the episode, she sure seems to be planning something devious. Polly offers her mother a visit from the same “friend” from “The Farm” she went to after Jason Blossom’s death—someone Polly says “healed” her. (Reminder: Betty’s pretty sure “The Farm” is actually a cult.) Alice thinks this sounds nice—but as Polly takes a sip from her mug, she sure has a devilish grin on her face. Is she trying to recruit Alice to the cult? Could she be in cahoots with Hiram somehow to sabotage Betty’s life, and thus prevent her from messing with his plans? Or is she playing at something else entirely? Whatever she’s up to, we do know one thing: Hal Cooper is not gone forever; actor Lochlyn Munro has confirmed that he’s been told he’ll have more to do next season.

4:Hiram might have made the biggest gains this week, but let’s not forget that the teens had a few wins of their own. For instance, Veronica now owns and runs Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, and plans to open the basement as a speakeasy that doubles as a Serpent hangout—and she wants to install Jughead’s dad, F.P. as manager. To gain it, however, she had to give up her stake in Lodge Industries, so she might have a little less money to spend on pearl necklaces and fashionable collared dresses. Then again, if anyone can turn a basement bar into a lucrative enterprise, it’s RonnieMeanwhile, Jughead has been officially handed control of the Serpents, as F.P. stepped down. And now that he’s the Serpent King, he’s officially asked Betty to be his queen—a question she’ll have to answer next season as well. She already tried to join once, so it’s not unlikely she’d say yes again. One thing Betty has officially left behind, for now, at least, is darkness. As she vowed to her father during a visit to the jail, Betty is done with evil. She plans to be a different person from her father. As always, though, there’s a chance that Dark Betty could rise from the ashes—especially if Hal is going to be hanging around next season.

5: And then there’s Cheryl, who, on top of a blossoming romance with Toni, will enjoy the freedom of emancipation from her mother’s custody. This week, Cheryl received the official paperwork emancipating her from Penelope and instead making Nana Blossom, her grandmother, her legal guardian. Cheryl was already easily this season’s M.V.P.—and now, as she’s officially unleashed, the future is looking even brighter.